What to do after completing B.E or B.tech ?

Have you ever think about your future planning after completing B. Tech?  It is an important concern not only for your life, in India it is a concern to everybody related to you. Most of the cases, our parents dreamt and make ourselves dreamt about passing from an engineering college. When their dream comes true, they feel themselves proud without knowing the present condition of engineering jobs. Indian society never ever judges you on the basis of your intellectual property. Here, the judgment is entirely your job oriented. Thus after completing B. Tech successfully, you may fall in a confused state what you should do. I am here to give you some suggestions. Before thinking about those suggestions have a look on some facts that you have to make the secret mantra of your life:

  • Take suggestion from everybody, who is really concerned about you and your future. But do what you think best for you. You are now mature enough to take and tackle the decision of your own life.
  • It is a wrong conception that if you are not doing MBA or higher education, you will be ruined. So, don’t ever think about that. If you have potentiality for something different try to concentrate on it from the core of your heart.
  • If things went wrong, don’t be disappointed. I know it is very hard to take the failure in smiling face. But always keep in mind that popular proverb, which says failure is the pillar of success.
  • Never ever get afraid about your future by reminding the past. If you ever failed in your life do not bring it in your present. Always give yourself a second chance.
  • Make your confident reach to that extreme height with your passion for your future planning. Then only you can make sure that if only one can crack the barriers of entrance exams, it will be you.

Now, after bearing the pressure of B. Tech there is no time for relax. You also have to join the rat race to become successful. But do you know, what would be best for you? Which one is better between M.Tech and MBA?  Do you need a job right now? There are so many options to confuse ourselves enough. Don’t do something what you actually did not want to do but your friends are going to do. Hear what your mind says. Because it is only you, who have the maximum right on own decision of future life and if you do not hear what you really want, you will never be satisfied with your life. So before deciding what you should do after B.Tech, have a look on some other options also:

Placement on Campus:

Feeling bored of continuous studying from early childhood? Or, do you want to be paid right now?  Then think wisely how to crack the campus placement. If you do not carry the study process further, then it is the best idea to engage yourself with a job as early as possible. Before visiting the companies, your must have to keep in mind the preferred field of your job. You can choose the technical based job or you can also opt for a management or something different area. So, if job is the goal, take a deep breath and prepare yourself to face tricky interview questions.


If you are passionate about the field of your study and want to get a deeper knowledge of the subject, then go for a specialization. You can do M.Tech after completing the B. Tech. If M. Tech is your next aim, do not waste your time; take preparation for the entrance exams.


Do you think that role of a manager better suits you than role of an engineer? What would you prefer to be like? An engineer? Or a Corporate head on a Multinational company? If your answer is the second one then why not go for MBA? If you are interested to get MBA degree, then it is the right time, as you can go to this stream of studying directly after B. Tech. But before that you have to clear the entrance exams such as XAT, CAT, and SNAP etc.

Appearing Civil Service:

Have you ever dreamt about to be an IAS or IPS officer? If so, take preparation to appear civil service examination. You can now appear for it after completing your B. Tech degree. I know, Civil Service exam is one of the toughest exams but trust me, if you have proper preparation and you are confident enough, you will surely crack the exam.

Try some Short Courses:

After finishing B. Tech you can go for some short diploma courses related to your subjects to get a better position in this competitive market. Generally those short diploma courses are all job related. So by doing such short courses, you can fulfill the demand of the present job market.

Go Abroad for Higher study:

If you and your family can afford, it is the best option after doing B.Tech. You can go any techno country to get more techno knowledge. If you really want this then search in internet for the courses offered by your desired university of desired country. Then apply for student visa and fly to your destination to fulfill your dram.

Want to be changed? :

So, you are totally disappointed and bored with those monotonous lifestyles. Then try something new. Do whatever you want to do from your early childhood, but cannot express your thought because of your parents. Now, it is the time, when you are mature enough. If you want to see yourself as a journalist, a photographer, an army man, an artist, a model or anything, it is the perfect time to nourish your dream to make it true. So, don’t be disappointed. Take a deep breath and states your decision confidently. Trust me, none has the power to create obstacle in your path.


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