Ways of recovering from Google Panda Penalties

The best way to save yourself from Panda Penalties is to place your focus on the quality of the content that you are writing. You must provide information that is valuable for the readers. There are many old SEO practices which are no longer in use. For instance, using the keywords in the headings as well as in the content and highlighting these keywords, was a practice used before but not recommended anymore. However, nowadays one should avoid the repeated use of the same keywords so that Google does not mark the content as ‘Keyword Spam’. The best way is to forget all about SEO and produce original content just like an author does.  However one needs to take care of a few things to avoid penalties.

Tips to stay protected from Google and Panda Penalties:

  • Do not bother yourself much by thinking about SEO. You do not have tuned your content for any search engine. Write fresh materials that crops up in your mind and there will be no problem at all.
  • It will be wastage of time and energy on your part if you start thinking too much Google algorithms and penalties. There are too many loop holes in them and you might get confused. It will be best to follow the recommendations by SEO by Google and the like.
  • If you spend a considerable amount of time in getting back links by commenting on blogs, then it is time to change your attitude. This is not a very good practice for increasing the traffic of search engines. Google has a specification called link Scheme which says that it is illegal to build up traffics by creating back links. It is not a natural way to increase your traffic. However, you can take part in communities that you like. Just stay away from commenting too much by using the anchor texts that are optimized by keywords. This will prevent the Google Panda from chasing you.
  • Always remember that from the perspective of SEO, the title of the article is very important. It is good for the experience of the user as well. Google is largely dependent on this title to guess the matter that is present in the content. It is advisable to include the best keywords in the article title as it does not bring about any penalties or spam from anywhere.
  • Try to avoid the repetition of the keywords in the subheadings of the content. Although the keyword tells Google a lot about the content, there always lies the risk of ‘Keyword Spam’ as mentioned earlier. It will be best if you change the style of your writing. Inserting keywords as and where you like is not a good option. Although it might increase the search engine it is not a good thing to do. Also, avoid too little use of the keyword. It might provide bad results. Use the keywords where it is absolutely required.
  • You can choose to put good anchor texts and insert internal linking. The title features of the links plays a very important role here. So you must use them. Internal linking pays a great deal and it is hence a good practice.
  • You should not practice building up links. This might seem alluring, but it might result in disasters. Your articles can get penalized for using this method. Hence, you must only build up legal links that are certified by any company. Use natural links and you’ll stay safe.

Thus, adopting healthy methods will help you to stay away from Google’s security problems and also prevent you from Panda Penalties.

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