VW plans ‘Budget Brand’ to offer low cost vehicles

The German automaker Volkswagen has announced that the brand is on its way to becoming the largest carmaker in the globe by the year 2018. This spot was earlier on controlled by the likes of General Motors and Toyota, but these brands have been squashed by Volkswagen.

But this declaration was made when their deal with Suzuki Motor Corporation was underway. When this plan did not materialise, it all became a fracas with Volkswagen’s hopes being shattered.

The head of the automaker had plans of buying up brands, as many as they could and tread its path to leadership all over the world. What they did not consider was a situation when any brand could pose resistance to them.

Adding to this, the current scenario at the European countries is not good. Buyers are shifting focus from large sized MPV’s and SUV’s to small-sized hatches. This has made many carmakers such as Ford, Renault and GM re-think about their products.

Now many brands are collaborating to manufacture compact and small cars as fast as possible. Volkswagen has planned has decided to do the same by introducing a ‘budget’ brand. With the help of this new brand the automaker will conglomerate 13 car brands.

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