Truth, Controversies and Secrets of Sabarimala Makaravilakku

What is Makara Jyothi and Makaravilakku ?

A celestial star known as Makara Jyothi is seen every year on 14th January. On this day, every year thousands of pilgrims from all over the country visit Sabarimala. The Government of Kerala receives huge revenue from these pilgrimages during their visit to Sabarimala in the seaon of Makaravilakku. It is the second largest pilgrimage seen in India.

Makaravilakku is a light born that appears during Ponnambalamedu hills situated in Sabarimala. This light is seen thrice during that date. It is seen till the Thiruvaabharanam is placed upon the lord.

Makaravilakku and makara jyothi are different concepts. Although both are seen on the same date every year, while the latter is a celestial star appearing in the sky and the former is a light appearing in the sky. The light appears thrice on the same day.

Makaravilakku is the heart of Sabarimala. It is its most important aspect. Pilgrims from the entire nation come to Sabarimala every year in order to view this strange light. This attraction is enormous. Their belief is that it is a natural light. Although Makara jyothi is natural and seen in the sky every year, this light has been found to be artificially created to catch everyone’s attention.

Government’s explaination about Makaravilakku

The government of Kerala has already revealed to the public that this Makaravilakku is no natural phenomenon. It is not any miracle of god, but a light tat is being creaed by artificial means. The authorities of the government themselves do this every single year. The hills in which this light appears every year is under KSEB. In all possibility, the light is produced every time by the KSEB authorities themselves. Shivananda, who happens to be an ex-employee of the KSEB, has said that he himself has seen the creation of this light in the year 1981. Another government minister has revealed that the government does not wish to eradicate or break the hopes of the thousands of people who believe in the miracle. The faith of these people will be kept intact. That is why the government is not going to delve any deeper in the matter.

It is shocking how the government plays with the faith and emotions of thousands of people. The creation of this light is an interesting story altogether. A huge amount of camphor is taken in a bowl and burnt, placing it on the bottom of the hills. The camphor is then put off by using many wet sacks. This entire process is repeated thrice every year. This leads to the creation of light known as Makaravilakku. They use wireless technology in order to decide the time in which the process is going to be done.

A great effort was put forward by the Kerala Yuktivadi Sangham. They took up the task of proving that this light was an artificial one and not a miracle. They went to hills and climbed upon it. Then they did the entire process of burning the camphor in bowl and extinguishing it. With this they proved the false hopes that the government builds in the hearts of hundreds of people each year.

Thus, it has been proved that the light is a false one created by the Forest Department of the Kerala Government. However, the general mass does not know anything about it. This can be due to the fact that since a huge income is available from the people who visit this place every year. The Government of Kerala does not which to cut off this portion of income from their stock pile. It is a shocking story that has been revealed and it involves the faiths of thousands.

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