Trey Songz Arrested for assaults woman with money

In what promises to be the weirdest celebrity news of the month, Trey Songz has been arrested for assaulting a woman…by throwing money at her! The singer, most popular for “Heart Attack” was accused on the grounds of assault because one of the bills that he threw in the air struck the left eye of the woman who claims she has been assaulted. According to the complainant, the assault really caused her pain.

According to TMZ, Trey was at an album release party in Queens, New York on the 21st of August. He got into a conflict outside the club at around 4 a.m. According to the police, Trey did throw some currency at the person who lodged the complaint. The cops, understandably, were not too intent on arresting him that very night, but they did arrest him a month later. He has attended one court session and will be attending another one this February.

Trey has been quite active on the professional front because he has been seen promoting his next studio album “Chapter V”. The album debuted number one in the US Billboard chart as well. Good to know that bill throwing assault charges has not kept him from doing his professional job.

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