Transform a MicroSIM to a NanoSIM

The iPhone 5 is strikingly slimmer by 18% than the previous 4S. All the used technology had to be patched up by Apple to make this remarkable reduction in thickness like the 30-pin connector has been replaced by the latest Lightning connector. To further decrease the thickness, the size of the existing parts have been reduced.

What can be noticed is that the new handset’s SIM card slot for the standard or the Micro has been lessened to an even reduced size. Thus the iPhone 5 utilizes an even tinier Nano-sized SIM card.

There are 2 ways of getting the regular SIM card reduced to a Nano size. First, one can contact the wireless service provider’s local customer service-center and get the standard SIM replaced with the Nano SIM. Second, one can follow instructions of a guide and turn the SIM into the Nano SIM, at the comforts of one’s home.

The guide is easy to follow. The following tools are needed:

  •  1 A4-size page
  •  Printer
  •  Ruler and Marker pen
  •  Tape
  •  Sandpaper or a filer
  •  Pair of Scissors


  • A PDF is linked here. Print this, at 100% scale on the A4 size paper.
  • Place the regular SIM card here on the labelled area. If the SIM is a Mini, place it over the second area that is highlighted. If the SIM is a Micro, place it over the third or the last place.
  • Firmly place the SIM over the highlighted area using tape. The edges should be aligned properly.
  • Using the ruler and the marker, the five lines should be marked accurately.
  • Now slowly cut along those lines that have been marked. If not done properly, the SIM may get damaged.
  • The edges should be smoothened out by sandpaper or a filer. Do not file SIM, more than required as this too may damage it.
  • This is not a safe procedure and thus should be done with caution.


Step 2

Step 4

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