Tips to improve your Computer’s performance

We all are using computers daily. Due to the frequent usage of computer, its performance may get slower and slower. As a PC user we cannot use it in its worst condition, so we need to improve its performance. Here in this article the tips for improving PC’s performance are revealed. By following these tips, we can’t increase its performance beyond its capacity. But we can improve it at its maximum configuration. You can check the system configuration by checking the properties of My Computer. The tips and tricks are given below.

Scan computer for viruses

In most cases computer becomes slow due to the attacking or presence of viruses. If your computer is affected by virus then the performance of the PC gradually decreases. So we need to avoid viruses. It is better to use any anti-virus software to destroy viruses. After installing anti-virus software to your computer then enable the option auto scanning after a period of time. This may help you to make your PC to function at its maximum speed.

Always clear temporary files

When we open any programs or run any software, some temporary files are created in the system. But after closing the programs, these temporary files will not get deleted. A lot of space is required for storing a lot of temporary files. So we need to delete the unwanted temporary files from the temporary folder. You can get access to the temporary folder by typing temp in the run. After typing this temp folder opens. In that you can see a lot of temporary files. All you need to do is to delete all the files. You don’t want to be panic about the currently running program because they won’t get deleted. You can also delete these temp files by simply installing an application named Ccleaner.

Try Defragmentation process

The next process is the defragmentation process. This process helps to collect the unused scattered free space into a single one. This will also helps in improving the performance of the computer. This defragmentation can be done in the hard drives by selecting the properties, click on the Tools and then Defragment now.

Removing unused programs

Your computer may contain unused or unwanted programs. You need to delete those programs because they lead a main role in slowing the performance of your computer. You can remove those softwares using the control panel. In that you can use the feature Add / Remove programs. This helps you to remove those useless programs from your computer.

Minimum disk space

You need to keep a 15% of free space in each hard drives, especially in the system drive. So you need to take backups on your excessive data to any other storage device.

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