Tips to improve battery backup of Android phone

Nowadays Android phones are widely used. Most of the users are now depending on the Android OS since there are more applications in this platform. The battery backup problem is the current issue of customers. Most of the users are getting irritated by this problem. This article will helpful to those who are fed up of the battery problem. We cannot simply improve the battery backup of Android, but we can control battery charge in some other ways, here we are revealing some tips to improve the battery backup of your Android device.

Reduce the brightness level
The highlight of Android phone is its color display screen. For making the phone more attractive the brightness of the phone may be at its maximum level. All you need to do is to set the brightness level at its minimum in which it uses only less power.

Install necessary applications
Several applications for the improving battery backup are now available in the Android market. You just install the app to the phone. These apps may help in solving your problem. Install a battery indicator app in which the battery charge is indicated as its percentage so that we could make appropriate decisions.

Test the battery power
The battery power of the device can be tested. After testing, the rate of power consumed by each app is shown. You can get this battery power finder from Settings->About phone->Battery option.

Select power saving mode in the device
You can set power saving mode in the device. For that, go to settings and select display and then select power saving mode. i.e, Settings->Display->power saving mode.

Turn off the vibration mode
Vibration of the phone takes more power than the ringing takes. This is due to the generation of vibration for each and every call.

Turn off additional features
Android phone comes with features like 3g, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, Auto-rotate and so on. When these features are turned on they take more battery power for their working. So we need to turn off such features like 3g, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS.

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