The first university-Takshashila

In this modern era information of any type and any kind can get through our finger tips and students can gain knowledge through any specific field of interest by getting admission into a well equipped and established colleges.we cannot imagine the time were students had to travel miles and miles to get the knowledge. Takshashila is one of the ancient universities in India and was recognized as the intellectual capital of India.its existence was from 1000B.C.Eto 500C.E; and it was the first university in the world.It had made eminent scholars in several fields. The students are going to takshashila to complete their education. The name of the place was tribute to Taksha founder of the city of Takshashila.It was situated twenty miles to the west of Rawalpindi.The university offers a wide variety of courses both in literary and technical fields. Commonly it is termed as shilpas and Vedas. Rigveda ,Yajurveda,and samaveda was taught under this University. For unknown reasons Atharva veda was dropped. Takshashila also comprises of number of special schools. This included schools of Medicine, law and military service of the military school which comprises of every procedure to be as a good guard for the protection of the nation .


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