Sukrutham movie bollywood remake to cast Aamir Khan

Sukrutham is a Malayalam movie that came out in the year 1994. It has won a National Award. The buzz that is going around says that it is going to be remade in Hindi. Rumors have it that the great Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan is eager to act in the movie. In the Malayalam version, the lead role was done by the Megastar Mammootty and was directed by Harikumar. The director has proudly announced that he will give directions for the Hindi version of the film as well and the fact that he is very happy to cast Aamir Khan in the lead role.

It is a story about a journalist who has blood cancer hand loses all hopes in life. However, after having gone through thorough treatment, when he returns home, he finds that all his near and dear ones, including his wife, were waiting for him to die. He could not bear this shock and finally commits suicide.

This movie has taken away several awards. It even won a National Award for the Best Film. Mammootty has won the Best Actor award for the film. Altogether it has managed to get 42 awards in India as well as abroad.

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