Shahrukh Khan and his wife Gauri love story and early days

Underneath all the glitz and glamour, the film industry is notorious for ever changing personal relationships. Here lovers broke off frequently and marriages fall apart. Not all couples are able to handle the constant media attention, the hectic lifestyle and temptations that come in all forms. But amidst this rather bleak scenario, one couple has been standing strong like a silver lining among clouds. The couple is none other than the ‘King’ of Bollywood Shahrukh Khan and his wife Gauri Khan (maiden name Chibber).  They have been married for more than 20 years now and are parents of three children, two sons Aryan and Abram and daughter Suhana.

Early days

The first time the couple met each other was 1984. SRK was only 18 years old at that time.  He saw Gauri at a party. She was dancing with another boy. Shahrukh who is shy in nature could not gather up courage at first but when he finally asked her for a dance, she refused and said that she is waiting for her boyfriend. But in reality she had no boyfriend and the boy was her brother. A heartbroken SRK told her to make him her ‘brother’ too. Impressed by his style and wit, Gauri decided to go out with him. But after some time she began to realize that SRK was quite possessive as a boyfriend.  He did not like her talking to other boys and more. Gauri in her mind decided to take a break from the relationship. After celebrating one of her birthdays with Shahrukh, Gauri left for Mumbai without telling him. When Shahrukh learned about her departure, he for the first time realized his strong feelings for Gauri. He told his mother what had happened. She told him to go after her and gave him Rs. 10, 000 for his quest. He and his friends searched the entire city but could not find her. Finally they came across each other at a beach. They reunion was very emotional and the two of them decided that they will get married. But the drama was far from over.


While Shahrukh and Gauri were busy adjusting to each other’s different temperaments, they ignored one big factor, they belonged to different religions. Gauri belonged to a Hindu family and her father was quite orthodox. On the other hand SRK was Muslim and had no parents alive. Gauri’s parents felt that he was not properly settled in life and Gauri was not matured enough at that time. Initially, they kept their relationship secret for few years. He even took up a Hindu name in front of her parents to impress them. They tried for long to convince their parents and finally managed to do so. SRK also proposed to Gauri in unique way. One night after dropping her off, he asked her whether she would marry him. But he drove away even before hearing her answer. But the answer was definitely yes and they got married in a Hindu ceremony on 25th October, 1991.

What makes them click?

During their 22 year old marriage, they have seen everything, from ups and downs to link –up rumors. But as a couple they have been firm. Their perfect marriage is often talked about. But what makes their relationship work? SRK is generally shy to talk about his personal life but has revealed that his love for Gauri is still intense after 22 years and she has become a part of him. Their eldest child, son Aryan was born in 1997 and their second child, daughter Suhana was born in 2000. In 2013, they became proud parents of another boy Abram who was born through a surrogate mother. Gauri has recently said that Shahrukh is obsessed with his youngest child and is always spending time with him whenever possible. This reveals the family oriented mindset of Shahrukh Khan that has made the family bond between them. This brings us to a very important aspect of SRK’ s life, family and traditional values.  Both SRK and Gauri strongly believes in family values. Despite being one of the biggest film stars ever in Indian film history, SRK remains a grounded person and is always with his family when they need him. Gauri too is always there to provide him with support. SRK was close to his parents as well. Shahrukh also shields his children from unnecessary media attention.

Love and commitment to each other is very important for them. Shahrukh was charmed by her beauty and Gauri loved his wit, confidence and amiable nature. When they realized that they love each other and want to marry each other. They underwent various hardships to fulfill their commitment to each other. Even today they are very committed as a couple. In the film industry, link-up rumors are a common thing. Although Shahrukh has been able to maintain a largely clean image, there were some rumors about him as well. But Gauri showed complete faith and trust on her husband and SRK also did not let her down. In this day and age where couples suffer from ego clashes, SRK and Gauri show tremendous respect to each other. Gauri has established an identity of her own by taking part in several ventures. But her primary duty has been towards her family. But SRK has never taken her for granted and their respect for each other has made their relationship even stronger

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