SEO :Best ways to get quality organic backlinks to your blog or website

Backlink is a hyperlink that is incoming to webpage from another website/ webpage. Before the rise of the search engines, it was the backlinks that helped web navigation. But even today they carry significance in the field of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The number of backlinks in a page/site is an indication of its popularity among web users. This is also a criterion that Google takes into account while preparing the Search Engine Result Pages. If you want more web traffic for your blog and improve its search engine ranking, you need good links. There was a time when Black Hat SEO practitioners were frequently using spam and other underhanded tactics to build links. In order to prevent such practices and improve the standard of results of the search engine, Google introduced the Penguin update to get rid of such sites. Therefore it is important that you use the proper methods to  build links. Always remember that ultimately it is the quality of the links that matter more than the number of links. Also take into account the variation of the anchor text. Do not use links only to the homepage of your site, use links to the internal pages as well. Before getting into effective ways that will help to get quality backlink for your blog/ site, you should also be aware about ways you should not go. There are several methods that were considered effective for this purpose at one point of time but nowadays should be ignored. Here are some of the link building methods that you should avoid-

  • Do not buy links in bulk from sites. There are some sites that will offer you lots of links but most of the time they are not so good.
  • Links to article directory was an effective way at a point of time but not anymore.
  • Do not use BlogRoll links.
  • Avoid link networks. Private link networks face penalty for their actions.
  • Submitting RSS feeds to sites.
  • Never use the link of exact anchor text. It is better to use a minimum variation.
  • Submit the posts in your blog to blog carnivals.
  • Create several sites and create interlink between them. Initially it was thought that this is a very effective method but in the long run it has been proven that it is not.
  • The site dig was once popular for submission and had ‘do follow’ option. But it has lost its effectiveness.

Now that you know what methods should be avoided, it is time to learn the more effective ways of building links:

  • Submit blog in popular social networking sites. This can bring good amount of traffic.
  • Find reputed blogs that allow guest posting and submit your posts there.
  • There are blogs that have ‘do follow’ option. However they need to relevant to your own blogs. This helps to improve your blog’s overall link profile.
  • Link the blog to Forum signatures but they should high quality.
  • Nowadays social bookmarking is also being considered as backlinks. You should use social bookmarking with sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest etc.
  • Start threads in good forums and link it with the posts in your blog.
  • There are several high quality discussions boards, for example –‘Quora’. You can put them to use by linking the blog with the use of threads.
  • You should answer questions from users on popular answer sites like ‘Yahoo Answers’ and also link your blog with them. This will help you to get some boost in traffic.
  • You can submit your blog posts to niche directories on the internet.
  • Audio sharing sites can be a great source for backlink. They are yet to be used prominently used in SEO so you can take an early advantage by using them to your benefit.
  • If you are able to make your blog go viral on social networking sites with the help of social bookmarking, you will be able to get more quality backlink from authority site.
  • You can go to the Press Release sites on the internet and make proper use of the press releases.
  • Instead of feeder sites, submit your RSS feeds to RSS directories to get better results.
  • Most good forums on the web have website review options. Place reviews of your blog in these places.
  • You can release a free Word-press plug-in and connect your blog with links. But never use them site wide because site wide links of Anchor text are not good.
  • Apart from using all the technical methods, you should always make sure that the quality of the content is very high. It is possible to get some backlink on the strength of your content alone.
  • You can always use the age old tactics of posting controversial content to grab attention.
  • News is always a popular item on the web. Use news posts and try to write them as early as possible.
  • Utilize CSS directories by posting your blog there.
  • Get interviewed by other bloggers and put them on the web.
  • Generally Top list posts get popular easily. Write some list posts in you blog. There is always a chance that it can go viral.
  • Take noted personalities from your niche and write about them in your blog.
  • You can always write about upcoming, promising bloggers. This will make them interested about your blog and link it.
  • Get in touch with other bloggers who are also writing in your niche and exchange articles with them. This is often mutually beneficial.
  • You can submit your site to the popular directory Dmoz. The main benefit of using this directory, is that it is used by other directories. It is a very good source of quality backlink.
  • The online Wikipedia can be a great tool for getting backlink. Create a page in Wikipedia and put links in the resources section of the page. You can get good amount of traffic through this.
  • You can organize a blogging contest. This way you can get several links in relatively short time. All you need to do is to make linking to your blog a necessary condition.
  • If you donate to sites that are dedicated to charities, most of them will establish a backlink with your site.
  • Celebrity related topics are one of the most popular in all of the World Wide Web. Write about top celebrities on a regular basis to get good traffic. You can also share those posts on social networking sites.
  • If you can develop a useful tool, you can easily make people use it and also link with your site.
  • You can participate in a product launch through your blog. Those who are interested about such products can link with your site.
  • You can also organize award for Top bloggers who are writing in your niche. Award as many as possible because they can link you back.
  • Many people look for ‘How to’ topics. Write such topics in your blog as they can attract backlink quite well.
  • You can also write posts with numbers, for example ‘5 SEO tips’. Number titled posts can attract backlink.


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