Robert ‘Edward’ Pattinson & Kristen ‘Bella’ Stewart: In love?

Recent news has come up regarding the comment thrown by Stewart’s mother while she was in Vanity Fair in Italy. Jules Stewart, Kristen’s mom, while being interviewed on her experience as a supervisor of script reading, answered several questions regarding her daughter’s relation with Robert Pattinson. The most invigorating statement made by this mom was surprising. She readily concealed the affections that her daughter has for her co-star cum boyfriend, Robert. She said that Kristen was in love with Robert. This is the first time that Kristen’s feelings regarding Robert has come up in the forefront, since her ‘likely’ affair with Rupert Saunders, director of ‘Snow white and the Huntsman’.

When the news about Kristen and Sunder’s affair was exposed, the famous ‘Bella’ declared that her love was only for Robert. Although she did not clearly state that Robert was the ‘love of her life’, she had revealed that Robert was a person, whom she loved a lot. This might seem that she is clearly expressing her love for Pattinson. However, her words were not as passionate as they were supposed to be. There have been various reports regarding the ‘break-up’ of the all time favorite couple. People have gone as far as to read their body languages while they were seen together in public during the premiere of their last film, Breaking Dawn: 2.

However, a mother has done what her daughter could not. She vehemently stated the fact that her dear daughter’s love was with Robert. This confirms the ‘passion’ between the Twilight cp-stars that was lacking in Kristen’s speech. Many are of the view that these two are together only for the sake of their new released film. However, Jules’ comment and the behavior of the couple when seen together have proved all the misconceptions quite wrong.

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