Rishiraj Singh the real superstar: Mohanlal

The Malayalam superstar and famous personality among south MohanLal recently mentioned in his blog that the real superstar is Rishiraj Singh who is the transport commissioner of the state. He was in full praise of the commissioner and also added that the he was pivotal enough and singles out in ensuring the safety and security of the roads. He has done a good job and the effect of it is showing now.

The roads are very well maintained by the department and he made sure that every dweller is safe enough when they are out. The recent bold and good steps taken by he in securing the safety measures has drawn the attention of the Malayalam superstar. According to him this tough jobs and bold decisions are taken by heroes in movies and that to in the direction of producer and director.

But he is amazed with the role played by Rishiraj Singh as he wrote his own script and is being implemented very well. Planning is not the end but proper execution is also needed. His plans have successfully been executed and this is showing good results. This is what impresses about the commissioner. Reports say accidents and injuries rate have drastically changed.

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