Prithviraj Selected to Play Godse in Upcoming Movie

Andhra Pradesh will remember Prithviraj for ever for his brilliant contribution to the movie industry. He has acted superb in movies like Urumi and Ravan. His artistic glamour is appreciable. He has proved his excellence in performing various leading roles. Now, this celebrity has been handpicked to perform the role of Godse who is an assassin to wipe out Gandhiji from the earth. This traitor and criminal shot Gandhiji for political reasons. Godse is the upcoming movie in which Prithviraj will be found acting as Godse to titillate people as a villain.

Shaji Kailas, the director, has stated clearly that instead of focusing directly on political disturbance, assassination and violence, the movie will be purposefully made to highlight the private lifestyle of Godse who suffered from mental disorder. The director will also bring the family members of Godse under media spotlight. The movie will be packed with suspense, tragedy and controversial elements. Godse will be played by Prithviraj who is fitted to this character. Kailash has chosen this celebrity for his movie. Being contacted, Prithviraj has told reporters that he is very much pleased to accept the offer of playing in the movie Godse. He will try his best to perform excellently in this movie.

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