Prithviraj and Biju Menon coming together

Prithviraj and Biju Menon are portraying the role of police officer in the movie together and they both has amazed the fans through their acting skills. Both have earned lot of fame and good work through their role as police officers and they have been gifted with superb voice and personality that properly complements the role. They both have created wanes with such strong and superb action skills in the movie and this is what enchants everybody to perform extensively.

If reports are to be believed both the actors are teaming up and in search for Sukumara Kurup in their next movie and they will portray police officers in those movies as well. There are no such Malayali who is not aware of Sukumara Kurup. The character is still a mystery and he is a murderer killing Chako. He went undercover without surrendering and this is what revolves around the movie. The concept is quite good and hopefully these roles will be thoroughly justified by actors like Menon and Prithviraj in the lead which is coming soon enough.

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