Positive and negative aspects of love and arranged marriage in India

Marriage is one of the most important phases in a person’s life. It puts an end to one’s bachelorhood and spinster hood and marks the beginning of a new course of life. Married couples are extremely responsible for how successful their married life is. Many people are of the view that marriage is the ultimate phase of a relationship. In order to mark a relation as successful or unsuccessful, marriage serves as an intermediary to determine this policy. Marriage is a more serious relation than any other love affairs. It involves a lot more serious aspects like love, support, responsibility, liability and such other stuff that is sometimes complicated. Many people do not take marriage seriously and hence begins all the quarrels and conflicts in the life of a person.

There are two basic types of marriages. One is love marriage and the other is arranged marriage. Love marriage happens when the couple falls in love with a person of the opposite sex and eventually marries the person. Arranged marriage on the other hand is where other people, generally the parents look for the suitable partner and gets the person married to him or her.

There are various good and bad things that both the marriages have. Here are some of the important aspects, both positive and negative that are present in the marriages.

Positive and Negative aspects of Arranged marriage

Many people are of the view that since the partner chosen in an arranged marriage is by the parents, he/she is bound to be the perfect ones for us. This is not so in many cases. many arranged marriages too result in an unsuccessful married life. In many cases neither the groom nor the bride is happy. The important thing to note here is that arranged marriage is something where you get married to a complete stranger. Hence, all of a sudden your life starts revolving around a completely unknown person. It takes a whole lot of time to know the person completely. Hence, many people feel uncomfortable in an arranged marriage. Many people who are of the introvert types do not convey their feelings to that unknown person and this leads to a lot of misunderstanding. It is very difficult to point out the positive and negative factors of arranged marriage. The only good thing about an arranged marriage can be that it involves the consent of all the members of a person’s family. Negativity starts occurring once you feel distance from the person. If you do not share your feelings with the person your relation is bound to suffer. However, this does not mean that all arranged marriages are a complete failure. There are many arranged marriages which are the result of years of trust and support and which prove to be stronger than any other relation in the world.

Positive and negative aspects of love marriage

A love marriage is the most wonderful event of all. Two people who had fallen for each other some time ago have finally consented on getting married making their relationship complete. It holds loads of emotional values and strength which are not present in arranged marriages. However, there are several aspects to remember here as well. Most important disadvantage of a love marriage can be the fact that a love marriage is done without the consent of ALL the members of the family. In India, love marriages are many a times disregarded by most people. Many of them look down upon it. Moreover, conflicts in love marriages can lead to cruel outcomes that many of the couples are not able to take.

In my view, whichever way you marry, you should give your 100 percent to it to make it successful.Mention your experience and opinions here as comments

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