Photographer Madhavan Thampi’s entry in Bollywood

There are various actors from Kerala who have paved their way into the Bollywood film industry. Various brilliant actors, actresses and directors of Malayalam have captivated the audience with their performance on the silver screen. These people are considered lucky for the film industry of India. Among the various well known names are Priyadarshan, Sabu Cyril, Santhosh, Rasool Pookutty and Suresh Nair, who have left the Bollywood industry speechless with their works in various numbers of films. Although they are working behind the camera, their outstanding works become worth mentioning in the film industry. Their mere involvement in the various movies has made remarkable impact.

Madhavan Thampi is one of those photographer whose camera work and skill of capturing visuals have pleased every single person who has worked with him. His excellent work includes the recent venture by Kamal Hasan’s Viswaroopam. This great man started his journey at a young age of 19. Initially he worked as an independent photographer. However over the years, he has added 31 brilliants movies within a mere 8 year span to his career line. His excellent work can be seen in films like Happy Husbands, Pokkiri Raja, Ivar Vivahitharayal, Janakan, Gulumal, Four Friends, Payyans, Tournaments, Three Kings, Janapriyan, Nallavan, Ulakam chuttum, Vairam, Black Butterfly, Nadodi Mannan and Red Wine.

The movie Four Friends happened to be quite lucky for him as it is in this set that he met Kamal Hasan. The actor had to appear in a guest role in the movie. He was impressed by Thampi’s dedication to his work. Hence came the biggest opportunity of working in the film Vishwaroopam.

Now, the DOP is now thinking of turning his towards Bollywood. With excellent film works in his pocket it is obvious that he will make a mark in this industry as well.

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