Pay Rs 1000 to watch Vishwaroopam tamil movie on DTH

The dynamic actor and film maker Kamal Hassan is bringing in new forms of entertainment to the industry with his latest make, Vishwaroopam. The actor has promised the release of this movie on DTH. Several excitements are running among the fans to watch the film of their favorite star directly at home instead of rushing to the theatres for the first look.

Latest reports tell us that the movie is going to be released in the DTH about 8 hours before it is going to be shown in the theatres. The actor, Kamal feels that watching the film in the theatre and watching it at home for the first time is going to be different. However, the service operators have reported that a charge of Rs. 1000 will have to be given by all customers who want to watch it on DTH. People will not be able to record it due to certain encryption performed on it beforehand.

However, negative responses from the theater owners have been received who are against the release of Kamal Hassan’s film on DTH. The owners think that it is unfair on their part to bring out such a thing. The movie too is a controversial one and is expected to be re-edited.

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