Pantel Launches Voice Calling – Penta T-Pad WS802C-2G ICS tablet

Pantel is an allied manufacturing company with the BSNL. It has launched its new penta T-pad WS802C, which has been given a price of Rs. 8, 299. This is a very unique tablet enabling voice calling options. It has great features and multiple connection options. The price however is extremely affordable. This product’s main goal is to bring about loads of excitement and good capabilities for the customers.

In this always evolving market, the launch of such a product was very necessary. The tablet has a good 8 inches Multi touching capacitive screen. It is incorporated with a powerful processor of 1.2 GHz from Cortex A8. It also has a GPU of Mali 400. The tab will be running on an Android operating system of version 4.0.3 just like the other tablets available in the market. This tablet has a camera very good front camera. However it does not have a rear camera with any good resolution. The tablet has been given a 1 GB RAM and a storage space of 8 GB on board. It also supports a micro SD memory card, and has a memory space expandable up to 32 GB.

The tablet is extremely easy to handle and very fast to connect. It comes with mini USBs and Wi-Fi ports. It also has Bluetooth connections and has Host. The battery of the tablet is of high quality. It is of 5000mAh and has a good backup capability.

The tablet comes with various applications already loaded in it. These include popular ones like Facebook, or Skype. It has various games like angry birds installed in it.

In spite of all the good specifications it comes at a very affordable price. This tablet will give very tough competition to all the other tablets that are available in the market.

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