New Tablet, Aakash 2 Launched in the Market at Rs.1, 130

President of India, Pranab Mukherjee, has launched the new tablet Aakash 2 on Sunday. This tablet succeeds the former tablet Aakash. It is being manufactured by Datawind, a UK based company, which was previously manufacturing Aakash. The PTI has reported that this new model will be available at a price of Rs. 1, 130. This tablet will be available to all the students studying in engineering colleges and universities, all over India.

This new model has excellent features and specifications. It has a 7 inch touchscreen, characterized by multi-touch facility. The display screen has a resolution of 800 x 400 pixels. The processor is of 1 Giga Hertz, and it has a 512 mega bytes Ram. The internal storage memory is of 4GB. It also has a front facing camera and supports Wi-Fi. The tablet is supported by an excellent battery of 3, 000 mAh. This delivers normal usage of the tablet for up to 3 hours. To add to the delight for the users, this tablet will run on Android operating system.

This model has seen great development that was brought forth by IIT Mumbai, which was helped by C-DAC. The government will buy the tablet from Datawind at Rs. 2, 263. However, this will be sold at a subsidized rate of Rs. 1, 130 to the students in India. The CEO of Datawind, has also disclosed the fact that they are trying to convince the state Governments to subsidize the price further so that students can get it free of cost. However, the commercial version of this model will be priced at Rs. 4, 499.

Like many other companies producing budget friendly Tablets, there is a big question as to the working of this tablet. We will have to wait for the response that comes from the buyers.

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