New Sony Xperia Z tablet-the thinnest so far

Recently, at the MWC which was held in Barcelona, Sony has revealed and announced that launching of its brand new tablet, the Xperia Z. this is a 10.1 inch tablet that operates on Android platform and is reported to be the thinnest tablet of the world so far.

Similar to the Xperia Z smartphone, this tablet to is going to be dust and water proof. The thickness of the tablet is only 6.9 mm and the weight of the tablet is just 495 grams.

This tablet is soon going to set of new standards for the entertainment of the customers. it is a great blend of the premium features along with the latest specifications that have been brought by the company. It gives excellent user experience in the connectivity terms as well as for the use of the customers in general. The company has brought this device out in order to reinforce its position as the leading manufacturer of technological devices in the Android market today. The tablet has been equipped with brilliant specifications and sees great features of the Xperia Z in the form of a tablet.

The tablet has been included with a quad core processor from Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro. This tablet has also been features by the highest water level resistance and is able to be immersed in 3 feet of water and kept for about 30 minutes. The display screen of the tablet is of 10.1 inches with HD support. The rear camera of the tablet is of 8 mega pixels and the front camera is of 2 mp.

It also has been given two brilliant in-built speakers as well as four halls of speakers on the corners and the sides which give excellent sound no matter how the device has been held. The memory of the tablet can be expanded for up to 64 GB and the tablet works on the Android jelly Bean platform.

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