New Malayalam Channel-Janam TV coming in 2013

A new Malayalam Television channel called Janam TV is going to be launched in 2013. The aim of this TV channel is to complete the distance that exists between common man and reality. Keralities have seen a great 2011. They are now waiting for a horde of channels with eager eyes. Some like Mathrubhumi News, Kappa TV, Raj Malayalam news as well as Janam TV have been reported to be launched in the coming year. The main task of the channel is educating the mass and to incite thoughts of patriotism among them.

A number of experienced people in the media field-print and visual have been appointed in order to run the channel. They are all proficient journalists. These people are going to spread the patriotic feelings among the common public.

The channel is going to fight against social injustice. They are aiming to speak against the many corrupt practices that are taking place. Their main focus will be on the current events and the news going on. With the help of this, they are going to bring forward the true nature of our system in our eyes.

With the help of latest technologies they are going to help the society to revive in a new and fresh way.

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