New Datsun Go MPV

In the last few years the Japanese automaker focused a lot on there different car models and ensure the customers with whole new designs and models. This features have enabled the company to get good reviews and a concentrated fan following. In continuation to that Nissan’s sub brand Datsun, providing new market needs with affordable and quality car models. Datsun have launched the all new model and it is unveiled in Indonesia on 17th September. The car featured in one of the motor shows and got good reviews. According to press release by a spokes person revealed that their aim is to focus on the young generation and priced to descent 8,900 US dollars.

The dimensions of the new model are 3995 mm in length, 1635 mm in breadth and 1500 mm in height. The wheelbase if the car is around 2450 mm. the overall weight of this new model is 794 kilograms. The MPV arranges capacity for seven passengers. The wheels are fitted with 13 inch steel wheels. The tyres are 155 mm sections which are fair enough for this model. The car is fitted with disc at the front and drums at the rear. However the features are good and helpful for the customers.

The car model is fitted with a 1.2 liter engine delivering 1198 cc, apart from that there is a three cylinder engine and runs on petrol. The output power generated by the car is 67 Horse Power and the torque is round 104 Newton meter. The transmission is five speed manual transmissions. However the car is ready for launch and will be available by the mid of 2014. The best part about this model is its low budget and impressive mileage. So let’s hope the car, from Datsun brand gets good reviews and satisfies each and every customer.

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