New 100-inch class Hecto Laser TV Projector by LG

The tech company LG has introduced a new home cinema television system called the Hecto Laser TV. It measures 100 inches and has a very special screen. It has a new protection unit called the UST or the Ultra Short Throw unit. The official introduction ceremony of the model is going to be held next month at the International CES. The television offers a complete high definition 1080 pixel resolution. It has very high contrast owing to the laser illumination system by LG.

The company claims that the television system is going to give its viewers and users an experience just like the theatres do. This experience could be felt at home without having to go through a difficult installation process just like a projector system has. The projectors that are found generally must be attached and installed to the ceiling of your homes and must be placed at a definite distance from the screen. However, this system will need to be placed at a mere distance of 22 inches from the screen. This makes the installation as well as the viewing process very easy. It has a very high contrast ratio and clear image quality.

Other detailed specifications will be known once the television is introduced in the public market.

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