Nayanthara and prabhudeva Separated

Nayanthara and Prabhudeva have decided to live under different roofs. Their unsuccessful conjugal life has been ended due to child custody issues. The fact is that Prabhu has had a caustic setback. Earlier he married Ramalat. She is a dancer. Prabhu claimed separation form Ramalat for marrying Nayan who is younger, cute and dashing. Their love affair was spreading just like ring of fire. Nayan’s comeback to silver screen is also a surprising incident for her fans. She is upset about the separation from her fiancé. However she is maverick and determined to face the music boldly.

In another statement, Prabhu has claimed that he has had taken the drastic step to bring an end to the relationship with Nayan just because of his commitment and love for his two kids who need parental care. Prabhu has gifted several crore rupees to Ramalat for mutual divorce. He is indebted to his former wife for making good response to support him in the long run. However, now he wants to tackle this cumbersome situation. He has not spared pain in ending three-and-a-half year long intimacy with Nayan. It is painful to accept but he has prioritized the value of his kids. His sacrifice should be honored. He is a responsible father and his final verdict must give the ring of safeguards to his kids who want their dad to play with them round the clock.

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