Narendra Modi to be elected Thrice

Gujarat would once again elect Modi as the chief minister again this is the conclusion by the exit poll surveys. The survey makes it clear that the election result would be in favour to the side of the BJP candidates. In Gujarat there would be a massive win for the BJP party so it would be the third time for the BJP to rule over the state. It is because of the strong power of the Modi ministry which had made all the changes in the Gujarat, this might be the hope of the people to elect the man again in the elections. Currently BJP had 121 MLA’s out of 182 assembly seats. Again in this election also this might be the result, even they can increase the seats. The congress had only 55 seats in the state. The people are jointly saying that this type of government is not seen in the whole country because of the developments that had taken place in the state after the Modi ministry arrived. Any way people of Gujarat is now keen do their right to select their representative it is clear from the polling percentage everybody is going to the booths even though there is some violence happening.

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  1. Made history with the BJP Chief Minister Narendra Modi has won an election.

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