Mouth ulcers causes and treatment

Mouth ulcers are commonest of diseases that occur in many people. Ulcers in the mouth are generally in the form of boils that are normally white in color and are very painful. It leads to exposure of the nerves that are situated in the patients’ mouth. Mouth ulcers are caused due to various reasons.

  • Forcibly brushing teeth
  • Burns
  •  Accidental bite in the inner mouth parts
  •  Having rough tooth or wearing braces
  •  Irregular bowels
  •  Vitamin B-12 deficiency
  •  Allergies from certain food
  •  Using drugs or tobacco

There are various types of mouth ulcers. Some ulcers in the mouth are not severe and tend to reduce after a week’s time. Mouth ulcer goes away completely only if a person is free from any kind of stress or frustrations. The ulcers that occur due to mental stress are called aphthous ulcer. Ulcers that are chronic sometimes show other symptoms as well. If the ulcer does not reduce in a week or two, then a person must immediately consult a doctor.

Prevention and Cure

Mouth ulcers can easily be prevented by following a healthy diet. Also, a person must use brushes with soft bristles, so that the gums are not hurt while brushing. A person must visit the dentist regularly. Addition of vitamins and proteins to one’s diet also helps to prevent ulcers. Foods like whole wheat grains, potatoes, iron rich foods, milk and green veggies must be eaten. A person should avoid eating very hot food as these affect the lining of the mouth.

If a person is suffering from ulcer then he or she should rinse the mouth regularly with ice cold water. Painkillers can be taken if the pain gets impossible to bear. Spicy food must be avoided at all costs. One must use anti-bacterial mouthwash to clean the gums and teeth.

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