Mohanlal to be writing scripts

The famous malluwood actor Mohanlal will be seen as scriptwriter very soon. This veteran actor has finally turned into a scenarist. It has been reported that he is writing a script for an upcoming movie which is going to be directed by Mohanlal’s friend himself.

The fact that whether the actor is going to be seen on the screen himself is yet not known. Rumors also say that the story is going to be on hospitals and medical science.

It has been revealed that although Mohanlal started his malluwood career as an actor, his only dream was to become a script writer in future. Earlier he has even written a script for a film. However, for reasons unknown the film did not come out. Nevertheless, he has acted in various films and has become extremely successful as an actor in Malayalam. Although the confirmation about him writing a script is yet to be received, his fans have already started hoping the best for him.

A number of films of Mohanlal has released or are on the verge of releasing. Karmayodha came out this Christmas. Lokpal is going to be released in January. Other films include Ladies and Gentlemen, Red Wine and many more.

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