Miley Cyrus confirms engagement with Liam Hemsworth

Since her engagement to Liam Hensworth last year in May, Miley Cyrus has been in the news a number of times for speculations about her split with Liam.  Ever since they postponed their marriage by a few months and photos of her without her ring were released people have started speculating about their break up.

But recent developments reveal that the actress-singer, Miley is still engaged to Liam. She was found sporting her 3.5 carat Neil Line engagement ring in a picture of her and her photographer Vijat Mohindra which she tweeted recently. The picture shows them making funny faces with the ring very visible on her finger. Sources say, the picture was a shout out to all the people who are spreading rumors about her personal life. Miley refrains from showing off too much of her personal life on social networking sites as Liam doesn’t believe in doing that.

Miley claims the photos without her ring were due to the fact that the ring was being cleaned. Presently, their relationship is strong and she hasn’t been more comfortable and confident about her engagement and that she prefers to keep her personal relationship under covers.

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