Meera Nandhan as a journalist in Lokpal malayalam movie

Her debut movie appeared in the industry few years ago. With ‘Mulla’ she has shown her potential as an actress. However, after four years Meera Nandhan is back on the screen with the new role of a journalist in her bag. Meera is absolutely thrilled and extremely excited with her new role.

The new movie ‘Lokpal’ will see her as a television journalist. The movie is being directed by Joshy and Meera will be seen on the screen alongwith the leading actor Mohanlal. In this movie, Meera will be seen as a Jain, who is very popular journalist in television. She lives with Mukundan Menon who is a Gandhian by principle. Meera is always up to fight for justice.

This is the first time that Meera will be seen in a Joshy film. She has gone forward to fix all the dates and schedule for the shooting of this film. She has also been shooting for another film ‘Black Forest’. She has somehow managed the dates to incorporate both the shoots in her schedule. She talked with people so that she does not miss out on either of the film shoots.

With the new film, Meera is said to remould her past image and grow in the face of Mollywood.

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