Mediaone new malayalam channel from Madhyamam

Mediaone is an addition to the several numbers of channels that are available in Malayalam. It is being said that this channel is going to be the final entry to the several channels that already exist and it sees its foundation inspired by another very famous print media called Madhyamam. Manorama network has already taken a big leap by introducing a new news channel. Hence, to add on the competition in the market, Mathurbhumi got very much inspired by Madhyamam and introduced this new channel.

This channel is going to be operated by the Madhyamam Broadcasting Limited. The aim of this channel is to re-organise the culture of all channels and introduce several vale added programs. The slogan of the channel is ‘ Neeru Nanma’. The main motive of the channel is bring empowerment to the minor classes of the society. These include people who belong to groups like the Dalit and such other groups existing in the society today. The channel has a great vision to reach a good height of glory in the upcoming years. The channel is going to spread the great values to the public and ideate the terms of democratic and human values in the face of the public.

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