Maruthi Showed Growth Ford Growth dropped

Maruthi acquired 9.2% sales growth last day. Maruthi desire model had increased to 71024 from 66504 last year. In the month of july maruthi had marketed about 82234 vehicles but the last year it was 75504 vehicles. But the models maruthi 800, alto, a-star , Wagon –r, faced some negative growth in the market. Swift desire had increased its sales growth at a huge rate. People opted maruthi vehicles a lot than other vehicles.
Ford india growth showed certain negative fluctuation in the market. It had showed certain negative in its sales .22.18% of its sales is being reduced. In july the company had manufactured about 8323 vehicles but at this time last year the company had manufactured and marketed about 10696 vehicles so this was a slight negative deviation to the company. Ford figo is being focused on the small family groups and people are opting for this vehicles a lot more but this was not sufficient to retain the market power for ford india ltd.
Even the petrol prices are raised the car manufactures are confident about the sales of the cars it is because the trend of the people are changed, they are economically adjusted to any kind of price fluctuations in the market to a some extend.

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