Maatraan boxoffice collection report

The association of K.V. Anand with Subha has proved to be a great winner once again. Maatraan has hence proven to be another successful story in their bags. The first half of the film is extremely well done. However, a little more pace could have made the second half equally good. The remarkable research of the director is quite evident from the movie.

Stories say that K.V. Anand has already read out the script of the movie to actor Suriya two years ago. However, due to technological unavailability, the production of the movie could not take place. Anand confessed in a press meeting that the story of the movie has been inspired from a true story of Siamese twins named Sang and Ying who live in Thailand. He said that he had read the story of the twins in an article and this had inspired him in order to make up another story out of it. The story is spectacular about physically conjoined twins having very different ideologies.

After the tremendous success of the film Ayan, Anand decided to direct this film. He cast his much sought out Suriya. Other actors who were seen in the film are Sachin Khedekar, Kajal Aggarwal, and Tara.

Whatever, the background story might be, Maattraan has seen tremendous success in the theatres. This movie collected a total gross amount of Rs. 9.5 crore in the opening day itself. So much so was the wave among the audience, that it collected about Rs. 40+ crore in its first successful. Thus, this movie seemed to make big money at the Box Office. It saw almost full occupancy in the theatres during the first two weeks of its release. However, the crowd dropped a bit as the third week rolled in. the film was so popular that even in the 4th week, it managed to make two cores.

Boxoffice collection Report

  • 1st day 9.50 Crores
  • 2nd day 9.25 Crores
  • 3rd day 9.00 Crores
  • 4th day 6.25 Crores
  • 5th day 6.01 Crores
  • 6th day 5.45 Crores
  • 7th day  4.12 Crores
  • 8th day  4.06 Crores
  • 9th day 4.00 Crores
  • 10th day 3.60 Crores
  • 11th day 3.42 Crores
  • 12th day 3.15 Crores
  • 13th day 3.10 Crores
  • 14th day 2.65 Crores
  • 15th day 2.35 Crores
  • 16th day 2.10 Crores
  • 17th day 1.65 Crores
  • 18th day 1.25 Crores
  • 19th day 1.10 Crores
  • 20th day 1.00 Crore
  • 21st day 0.92 Crore
  • 22nd day 0.80 Crore
  • 23rd day 0.72 Crore
  • 24th day 0.68 Crore
  • 25th day 0.56 Crore
  • 26th day 0.49 Crore
  • 27th day 0.40 Crore
  • 28th day 0.32 Crore
  • 29th day 0.28 Crore
  • 30th day 0.25 Crore
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25 Responses

  1. maattran 30 days collection 88.3crs,Super star VVIIJJAAYY IN Thuppaki just 7days collection 65crs,KING OF KOLLYWOOD,Thaliva u r great na

  2. Ok,maatran 1200 theaters , thuppaki 2000 theaters , maatran – entha oru thiruvizha time la varala, thuppaki- diwali time vanthathu , enna purichatha… King of kollywood suriya… Hit maatran ok va

    • That is not a reason..wenev wrev u release the surya wont become the thalaivar..our vijay is super..appo release ippo release ennalam oru karanamillai..the collection is depends on the theme of film and hero..purithicha..athuk 2000 theaters entru soliyitt entha prayoganavumilla..howevr u f*** people cud hav release matraan in bette..its floooop..thuppaki is bttr..that s why 180 cr collection..nearly 100 cr more collection than matraan..fuck surya

    • Okkk surya is great action hero

    • Hello mr. Idhe pona thadavai velayutham 850 screens ,7am arivu2000 screens…apdi irunthum vel-90cr..vasool thalapathy §thalaiva marana mass

  3. Vijay thuppakki collection 180 crore just 25th days now ilayathalapathy next super*star

  4. mattran movie 2nd half sariyilla 2nd off nalla iruntha mattran thanda box office no1 collection movie in india

  5. surya thanda next super star

  6. surya can do thuppakki , vijay can do mattran ? that is surya surya is the next mega star

    • u r right thalaiva.great one.surya can do any type of roles.but vijay is an dumb who doesnt know to act.his films are hitting due to his stupid fans.surya always maintains his class.

  7. first avana military sepangala paru da…. kulla payanuku thupakki padam kekuthu….

    • hey dont say kullan kullan.even jackie chan is short isnt he a star,even tom cruise is short isnt he a star,so height doesnt matter

  8. Enga karnatakathile vijay (gilli) appadina chinna papagalirdum periyavagalvariku theriyum ana suriya apdina evanukume theriyad mysorelea thuppakki film 40 days mudgirch this for vijay

  9. Vijay vey thuppakile nadikepothe surya Nadike kudatha.surya bodiye pare first.surya height 5.7 yenthe army leh venonalo edepangge.yeppothom surya than mass,class ellamey.

  10. dhalapathy rajanikanth is our present super star athukapram nama vijay than name is ilayathalapathy singathe vettayadum vettaikarandaa
    the one and only star is our vijay enna okathane, appadiyetha

  11. thupakki was realeased on the day of diwali where was maatran was was realesed on a weekday so there is no differece in fact surya’s maatran was far better than the flop and dirty vijay’s thupakii

  12. Surya always rockz singam ayan 7am arivu mattran all blockbusters

  13. Suriya acting in varity role but vijay acting movies same role and only love and fight scene .The real actor in different character acting .The next ulaganayagan is ‘Suriya’

    • Hey. . .ur correct. . .SURYA IS GOING TO BE A ANOTHER KAMAL HASAN. . .they are Method actors. Surya can do any role. . . He is a hardworking and dedicated actor. . . Now he is NADIPPIN NAYAKAN AND HE Became the Next ULAGA NAYAKAN. . . And next Rajnikanth Is Thala Ajith. Not vijay. VJAY HAS NO WAY TO beat Ajith. . . Ajith has a huge fan base in Tamil. And Surya has a huge fans in Tamil ,Telugu and kerala ,west bengal etc. . .bt Vj has only fans in Tamil and kerala. . . SURYA IS UNIVERSAL ROCK STAR. . .

  14. Macha mothalila vijaya surya kooda compare panrathu nirthunga. Surya mothalila oru aalavattum apparam compare pannalam.

  15. vijay is stupid. surya is suuppeer and best

  16. surya is a good actor but character wise vijay is the best

  17. Our surya is best actor

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