List of Famous Divorces from Tamil Movies (Kollywood Cinema)

A marriage is a beautiful bond between two individuals and souls. Their union is celebrated with pomp and joy, and near and dear ones turn it into a festivity. However, not all marriages last lifelong and not all of them have happy endings. Quite a few marriages end in divorce and the separation is always sad. Not all divorces garner attention the way that celebrity divorces do. Several celebrity couples of Kollywood or the Tamil film industry have also divorced their respective spouses. These couples are all listed below:

Kamal Haasan & Vani Ganapathy:

Kamal Haasan is a celebrated and respected actor. When he was 24 he married Vani Ganapathy who is a dancer. Their marriage ended in a mere 10 years. The reason behind it was Kamal Haasan’s inclination towards actress Sarika Thakur. Their divorce was bitter and the two never even meet anymore.

·Kamal Haasan & Sarika Thakur:

The couple married in 1988, two years after the birth of their first daughter Shruti Haasan. The couple have another daughter named Akshara. The two divorced in 2002 due to Kamal’s affair with another actress Simran Bagga. Currently, Kamal Haasan is in a relationship with Gouthami Tadimalla. Gouthami’s daughter and both of Kamal’s daughter stay with the couple.

· Arvind Swamy & Gayathri Ramamurthy:

Arvind is a Tamil actor who starred in Bollywood movies ‘Bombay’ and ‘Roja’. He is a renowned celebrity down south and for 16 years he was married to Gayatri, who was estranged for many years. The couple divorced mutually in 2010, due to personal differences. Their children Adhira (born 1996) and Rudra (born 2000) received their father’s custody.

Selvaraghavan & Sonia Agarwal:

During the shoot of ‘Kaadhal Kondein’ the two came closer. With the passage of time a strong bond formed between the two. This director is said to have an affair which resulted in the end of his 4 year long marriage with actress Sonia Agarwal. Selvaraghavan is currently married to Gitanjali and the couple has a daughter named Leelavathi and a son.

Prabhu Deva & Ramlatha:

This actor married Ramlatha in the year 1995. They had three sons, but the oldest son Basasavaraju passed away in December of 2008. The couple divorced mutually after Prabhu Deva’s affair with actress Nayantara came into light. The younger children received their mother’s custody.

· Revathi & Suresh Chandra Menon:

This duo of famous actors married in the year 1988 and after a brief period of marital bliss, went their own ways. The couple remained separated for around 10 years. They then filed for divorce in the year 2002. The couple do not have any children. Their relationship ended quite amicably and Revathi confessed that they would remain friends despite of their divorce. These actors formed an ideal union and their bond is quite strong, which is probably why the two haven’t remarried.

· Saritha & Venkata Subbaiah: Actress Saritha was briefly married to Cuddapah native Mr. Venkata Subbaiah. The marriage was exceptionally brief and the couple soon separated. An inevitable divorce followed.

· Saritha & Mukesh:

Saritha married actor Mukesh in 1988. The couple has two sons Shravan and Tejas. The actress filed for divorce in 2009 as all was not well between the couple. However, in 2010 she withdrew this petition. In 2013 Mukesh married a dancer named Methil Devika. Sarika accused Mukesh of saying that he was a bigamist who had married another woman without divorcing her.

· Seetha & Parthiban: Seetha is a renowned actress, while Parthiban is a reputed actor and director. The couple married 1990 and mutually divorced one another in the year 2001. They have 3 children together, two daughters named P.S. Keerthana, P.S. Abhinaya and their son is P.S. Raaki. Seetha remarried actor Satish Shah in the year 2010.

· R. Sarathkumar & Chaya: This lovely couple of actors had been married since 1984. They became proud parents to Pooja and Varalaxmi and in 2000 ended their marriage. Soon after in 2001 Sarathkumar remarried another actress named Raadhika. Raadhika is also a celebrated actress.

· Raadhika & Pratap Pothen: Raadhika was married to actor and director Pratap. It was a brief marriage which lasted from 1985 to 1986. The couple soon went their own ways and both remarried.

· Raadhika & Richard Hardy: Raadhika was briefly married to a British national named Richard Hardy. The couple married in the year 1990 and divorced just two years later in 1992. Rayane Hardy is the couple’s daughter. After this marriage ended Raadhika married actor R. Sarathkumar in 2001.

· Lalitha Kumari and Prakash Raj: Reputed Kollywood starlet Lalitha married actor Prakash Raj in the year 1994. The couple had 3 children, however the couple’s son Sidhu passed away in 2004. Meghna and Pooja are their surviving daughters. Post their wedding Lalitha was on a hiatus and returned to the silver screen with ‘Muriyadi’. She played a role opposite Sathyaraj. Prakash Raj married Pony Verma who is a famed Bollywood choreographer.

· Nalini & Ramarajan: Actress Nalini was spotted by Ramarajan and he was smitten. The couple married in 1987 and experienced domestic bliss till the year 2000, which is the year they got divorced. The couple has fraternal twins, a daughter named Aruna and a son named Arun, both of whom are now married to their respective spouses.

· Raghuvaran & Rohini: These actors married in the year 1996. They have a son named Rishivaran and he was born in 1997. Rohini initiated the divorce as Raghuvaran was struggling with alcoholism and was used to abusing her, mentally and physically. The couple finally got divorced in the year 2004. Interestingly, none of these actors remarried.

· T Prashanth & V D Grahalakshmi: Actor Prashanth was happily married to Grahalakshmi. The marriage took place in 2005 and lasted only till 2007, which is when Prashanth found out details about his wife’s past. Grahalakshmi had been married to Narayan Venu Prasad in 1998 and this marriage had also been registered. After this revelation the actor filed for divorce and the marriage was annulled due to the fraud. However, Grahalakshmi maintains that she was never married to Narayan Venu Prasad. She also reported that Prashanth was tormenting her with his repeated demands for dowry. In their brief marriage the couple had a son.

· Rajkiran & Chellamma: This actor, director and producer married Chellamma. This celebrated star has starred in more than 150 mainstream Tamil movies. Since, the marriage did not work out the couple divorced and Rajkiran married Padma Jyothi.

· Sarath Babu & Rama Prabha: Sarath Babu is a reputed actor whose career spans over 40 years. He has brilliantly portrayed roles in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam films. Rama Prabha on the other hand focussed mainly on Telugu films and starred in approximately 1400 films. The couple’s marriage was brief and ended on a bitter note. Sarath Babu soon remarried.

· Snehalatha Dixit & Sarath Babu: Sarath Babu is a famous star of the southern film domain. Snehalatha is the daughter of the celebrated star named M N Nambiar. They got married in the year 1990. In 2001 the actress filed a plea for divorce. She sought divorce stating that she was being mentally tortured by Sarath Babu. The couple was asked to attend marriage counselling sessions which apparently did not have any positive effects.

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