Liquor tycoon Ponty Chadha & his Brother Killed

The eminent liquor tycoon Ponty Chadha and Hardeep, who happens to be his brother, were killed during firing that took place in a Delhi farmhouse. A security guard was also killed in this firing.

Police had the news that these two brothers went to meet at this farmhouse in order to clear out certain property disputes. However, they fell out and a major argument started. After some time both the brothers fired at each other, although exact reports about the incident is still unclear. They were rushed to Fortis Hospital, where they were declared dead by the doctors. Other sources are of the view that Hardeep shot Ponty first, and the guared fired Hardeep, who fired again at the guard. The incident took place between 1.00pm and 1.30 pm at the farmhouse in Delhi.

Chadha owns a business empire called the Wave Group, and is currently at a value of Rs. 6000 crore. Chadha had spread the services of his business all over the country. His business was doing well. However, a great dispute was going on between the two brothers which ended in the death of both. Although Income Tax Department has probed Chadha and his company many a times he had never faced any difficulties in his business.

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