Life on Mars: Is it Possible?

There are some studies that say that life will certainly not be possible on Mars because of the fact that the planet does not have oxygen or an ozone layer, but further studies are showing that Mars is quite similar to Earth- especially when it comes to having air water and ice on surface. Here are some of the most important points we have to consider in order to find out if it is possible for us to live on Mars:

1. Water and Sunlight: It has been found that water might have been present in Mars in the ancient times and there are chances that it is still there on the surface. The polar caps in Mars are actually made out of frozen water, with a thin layer of CO2. The Sun exposure on the Red Planet is very little. Since sun energy is little, scientists are trying to figure out what other energy sources would help sustain life on Mars.

2. Climate: Climate in Mars is influenced by the dust movements, carbon dioxide ice caps, the thin atmosphere and the low air pressure.

3. Geology: Mars has large volcanoes that are much bigger than the ones on earth. Mars is supposed to have had a magnetic field quite similar to the one on Earth. There are many channels, guilles and valleys on the surface of Mars, along with cracks and pores on the rock formations. Carbon dating is going to be used to find out the age and composition of the rocks found there.

4. Human Exploration: The Curiosity has been send to find more information about the planet. It will not be possible for one to send a human exploration team there, because of the amount of time it takes to get to the planet and back. We need to know more about the ultraviolet radiation on the surface of the planet, unique chemicals, problem of lack of oxygen,and communication, etc.

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