Leonardo DiCaprio buys legendary Casablanca piano

Leonardo DiCaprio, the Hollywood star has managed to become the co- owner of the really popular piano used in “Casablanca”, a classical movie that has become a legend. He teamed up with a millionaire friend of his, the businessman Stewart Rahr, to buy this treasured item- an item that is really steeped in Hollywood history.

The piano in question was used by Dooley Wilson in 1942. This was the piano in which the legendary song, “As Time Goes By” was performed on. The piano and the song became a legend in Hollywood, which would explain the amount of excitement surrounding the auctioning of this item. Auctioning for the piano started at Sotheby’s and the starting bid was 600,000 USD. There were some experts who had predicted a week back that the piano could fetch about 1.2 million USD in the auction. The group that finally won the auction was a duo consisting of the Titanic star and a good friend. DiCaprio, along with Stewart Rahr, a businessman, have bought the piano for a huge sum and have decided that they are going to be donating the piano to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

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