Karmayodha malayalam movie review

The movie Karmayodha which came out very recently falls under the action genre of the films. Directed by major Ravi, it has Aishwarya Devan, Biju Menon Mohanlal, Anoop Menon, Sonia Heidan and Rajiv Pillai as lead actors. It released on 21st December.

The movie is a somber one dealing with a practical social issue. Although the director intended to be quite clear in his thoughts he has put in a lot of loud emotions in order to bring out what he wanted to show. Excecuting the film happened to be a major flaw in it. The plot of the film is very serious, and the audience will sometimes fail to find a link between the script of the film and the dialogues. Mohanlal was the one for whom a large part of the movie was saved. With his excellent acting skills he takes the task of bringing up the level of the movie to a whole new height. Although the poor dialogues hampered most of his versatile acting, there were various people who went to watch the movie only because it had Mohanlal as the star cast.

Another major flaw in the movie was that it lost the grip on continuity halfway through it. However, Major Ravi being an able director tried many a times to keep things on the track. The film has mainly focused on some of the major social issues that we are facing in the world today. However, the decisions taken by the hero as a protest against the various issues can be put to questions. The culprits are the normal rebels of the society, and the audience might sometimes feel that they have got what they deserved.

The movie could have been exploited a lot. However, poor execution ruined most of its parts.

Verdict: Above average movie . Excellent performance by Mohanlal

Rating: 2.75/5

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