Karmayodha Box Office Collection Report

The movie Karmayodha which came out very recently falls under the action genre of the films. Directed by major Ravi, it has Aishwarya Devan, Biju Menon Mohanlal, Anoop Menon, Sonia Heidan and Rajiv Pillai as lead actors. It released on 21st December.

The movie has scored pretty well at the box office. The fans of Mohanlal are extremely happy with the outcome of the movie. The entire budget of the movie is around Rs. 4.5 crore. However, the movie managed to make about Rs. 2.42 crore in the first three days itself and Karmayodhya Satellite Rights were acquired by Surya TV for a record price of 4.9 crore INR.
It had the biggest opening this Christmas as the huge number of fans of Mohanlal flocked to see their favorite star on the screen. Analysts have claimed that the filmed has managed to score well due to large number of theatres where the film released and the capacity of each theater was also pretty high. It made a lot of money at the box office due to its release on the Christmas weekend. Hence it will be posing a stiff competition for its contender films. The film came out in 450 theaters all over the world. The gross income of the movie in a matter of three days has broken all other records. It has covered almost all the costs of making the movie. Although the film failed to impress most of the audience, the craze of actor Mohanlal made the people go to the theatres to watch it. This is why the opening of the film is the positive factor to its entire box office collection till date. The film saw a great promotional process. Pre-press releases hyped it so much that the people were bound to go to the theaters. However, after the first day the collection has seen a sharp fall. Enroll your reviews and opinions about this movie as comments here

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