Jyoti Amge- smallest woman of the world in Bigg Boss 6

There is a buzz about the fact that the smallest woman of the world, Jyoti Amge is going to make her way into the house of Bigg Boss this very week. Jyoti lives in Nagpur, in Maharashtra.

Trustable sources say that Jyoti was born on 16th December, 1993. She is the current title holder of ‘world’s smallest woman’ as recorded in Limca Book of Records and the Guinness Book of World Records. Dale Bhagwagar, the PR guru of Bollywood was asked about the novelty that this interesting person’s entry is going to bring to the new season of Bigg Boss ^. He had smiled and said that considering that the rumors are true, the little 18 year old has potential to be the brightest star of the Bigg Boss season 6.

Dale also chirped about the worries that he holds for the smallest woman. The question aroused as to how she will manage in the house, reach the wash basin and toilet seats. Will there be separate sets of smaller utensils, tables, bed and chairs provided for her? The audience is going to have loads of fun watching the cute little lady managing with the normal sized objects used by other contestants.

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