Jennifer Lopez plays the role of cop in drama “Shades of Blue”

Actress cum singer Jenifer lopez is currently busy in portraying the character of an cop in a small screen. The news has just came in that she is playing the role of an undercover cop in the drama and this was available after the 44 year old model turned singer turned actress revealed about her character in “Shades of Blue”. The drama moves around the detective mother and her story relating to different crimes that are carried out nearby. The actress is superb with her work and most importantly known for her professionalism. This was repaved by the producers of the drama and they were really impressed by the performance of the actress.

However the show is under production and the shooting has just started. The drama and sequence however will be starred early next years and this will be her first appearance in the small screen. However she began her career as a TV dancer in a reality show and it was years ago and since the n she never looked back. She feature in a talent show “American Idol” and judged the show for a certain episode. Let’s hope the shooting goes well and you can watch her in all new appearance.

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