Janet Jackson gets engaged to billionaire boyfriend

Secret reports have come up which says that Janet Jackson has got engaged to her boyfriend privately. Her boyfriend, Wissam Al Mana is a billionaire from Qatar.

Reports have come up which say that her boyfriend is a mogul and is 37 years old. He had proposed to Janet a few years ago and impressed her with a very expensive and huge diamond ring. Janet has said that she does not go around wearing that ring as she is scared of the fact that it will get lost. She has her expensive ring locked up safely.

Other sources have reported that Janet and Wissam started going around in 2010. They are planning to get married in the spring of the upcoming year. The people all over the world are waiting for the waiting. It is evident that millions will be spent in the wedding. The ceremonies are going to be exclusive and starry and it is sure going to be an elaborate affair.

Thus, all the rumors have been proved correct by the wedding. The duo is spending millions for the welcome of the guests and each guest will be given a Rolex Watch (!) as a token of thanks for attending the wedding.

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