Is eating Instant noodles healthy or not ?

Instant noodles is a fast food that is enjoyed by people of all ages. It is a very popular and cheap item of food and has been introduced to the market for the generation that believes in a fast paced life. The concept of instant noodles developed centuries ago and has attracted a lot of consumers due to its taste, quick making process and saving time. It helps the user by saving a large amount of time. However, it is also very important and should be seriously noted that having instant noodles on a regular basis proves to be quite harmful to our bodies. The few main reason behind this is that, it is very low on nutrition; it has a high content of preservatives that can prove to be extremely harmful for the one who eats it and most of the instant noodles are deep fried which might be the cause of cancer.

Many people have symbolized instant noodles as a junk food item. They are extremely high in the content of carbohydrates and extremely low in the content of fiber. They also have a very low percentage of minerals and vitamins. Moreover it is also very high in trans fat as well as saturated fat. They have a very high calorific value and a very high content of MSG that has a very bad effect on health.

Ill-effects of MSG:

The full form of MSG is Monosodium Glutamate. It is added to food substances in order to increase their flavor. It does not have a substitute. MSG has various harmful effects on the human body. It can cause diseases like Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s. it also causes several other harmful effects like seizures, damage of brain cells, several rashes, allergies, headaches brain tumors, asthma attacks and many more.

It is added not only in Noodles, but also in several soups as well as broths.

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