Idukki Gold malayalam movie directed by Aashiq Abu

Idukki Gold is a Malayalam movie directed by Aashiq Abu, starring Babu Antony, Maninapillai Raju, Shankar, Raveendran and Lal. The movie has been creating quite a buzz in the past few months, for it is an Aashiq Abu movie. His direction met with positive criticism and appreciation after Da Thadiya and 22 Female Kottayam, so this is certainly one of the most expected movies of the year.

Idukki Gold is a movie that is based on a short story written by Santhosh Echikannam. The movie revolves around the life of a former ATS officer who wishes to live a life free of tensions and troubles, so he returns to his native village. He wishes to find his old friends, and in order to do that, he releases an advertisement in the local newspaper. In a few days, a person comes to his home, reciting tales of their friendship. This man seeks to win the heart of the ATS officer, being the well nourished thief that he is. The implication of this man, and the advertisement on the ATS officer’s life is what the movie is about.

The movie is going to be produced by Ranjith, and the cinematography is done by Shyju Khalid. Bijipal is going to be the music director in the movie.

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