Hugh Hefner has found eternal love?

It might seem unthinkable to some that Hugh Hefner would want to remain married to one woman for a long time. But the Playboy boss has already declared that he wants to stay with his new fiancé Crystal Harris until he dies.

What makes this story quite spicy is the fact that there is a sixty year gap between Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris. But according to Hefner (who is 86), the age difference between him and Crystal (who is 26) does not matter at all, for she is just the right person for him. He has also expressed a desire to spend whatever time he has left with her.

Hefner has been married before. He was married to Mildred Williams for 10 years between 1949- 1959. He was also wedded to Kimberley Conrad for 11 years, from 1989 to 2010. He was engaged to Crystal previously, but she called off their engagement a few days before they were due to get married in 2011. They just recently got back together.

The couple want to tie the knot on New Year’s eve. The former Playboy playmate has been taking all the opportunities she has to show off her giant diamond engagement ring.


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