HTC announces Android 5.0 Lollipop update date

A California based company Android Inc. developed the Android mobile operating system. Internet giant Google initially backed the project and later acquired the company. It came into the market in 2008 and in the last six years has brought about a revolution in the field of telecommunication and also had an impact on technology in general. Not only it is the most used mobile operating system but highest selling operating system across all categories. By 2014, there are around 1 billion android users in the world. On 3rd November,  Google launched the latest version of the operating system, Android 5.0 Lollipop. The gap between the last version Android 4.0 KitKat and the newest version was rather short. As a result all of those who recently bought android powered smartphones and tablet computers, want their OS upgraded. Google has stated that it will provide updates for all users but is yet to state the schedule. However reputed Taiwan based manufacturer HTC has already revealed the update schedule for their devices. Initially, the update will be offered to devices in the company’s flagship ‘One’ range starting with HTC One (M7 and M8) and shortly followed by HTC One Max and HTC One Mini. Later other HTC devices are likely to get the update.  HTC’s Product management VP said in a Tweet that updates will begin within 90 days after the official launch of the product which means it will arrive by February.

It is expected that Google will make the system firmware available sooner but there were several bugs detected in the system and it has been pushed back for some time. Major manufacturers have begun to name the devices from their company that will receive the software update. Some of the noted names are- Motorola Moto G and X (all generations), Samsung Galaxy S5/ Note 4, Sony Xperia Z1.

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