How to stay safe from being hacked

Now days, we are becoming a prey for hackers. Our main problem is being hacked by someone. As we were not professionals in computer fields, we won’t get that whether our accounts are hacked or not. So this article will be helpful for those who were not aware about the tips against hacking. There is no need for us to know how hacking is to be done since it is an illegal purpose, but we need to aware about what precautions are to be taken for not getting hacked.

First of all we learn how to become safe about our google accounts or facebook account. In most situations, our accounts are get hacked while we use internet in the internet cafes. They may make their home page as facebook login page or google login page. That page will be fake. When we enter our username and password details in that page, the details may stored into their database instead of directing us to the original site. So the first tip is that when we
internet cafes for internet surfing and we need to check the url of the site. It means we need to enter the correct url of the site in the url bar and don’t click on any unwanted links that may be provided by someone. Actually no one cannot simply hack another completely, if someone is getting hacked, it is only due to his foolishness.

Some software and hardware are also available which can store the characters that we type on keyboard. With these things when we enter our username and password in the computer, it gets stored into the computer without our knowledge. So the second tip is that while using stranger’s computer for login to any site, it is better to avoid the keyboard to type the username and password. It is better using the On Screen Keyboard. You can get it from
Start->Programs->Accessories->Accessibility->On Screen Keyboard.

The next tip is for security of our PC. Our PC is not safe with the user account password, because the new hacking techniques can break the user account password. But there is no need to worry. The new tip will more efficient than the user account locking. All you need to do that put the BIOS password. You can set BIOS password through BIOS settings. BIOS password is stronger than the previous ones. It is not so easy to break the BIOS password. The password entering box is shown in screen before booting, the PC will only boot if and only if the password is correct.

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