How mobile phones affect our Brains ?

There are always two sides of a single coin. Similarly, every good thing can never be completely good. Looking at things very closely one will be able to find various negative sides of it. Likewise, a mobile phone, which has become the most important device, close to our daily needs is a devil in disguise. Although it is unmistakably the best method of communication now, using cell phones has various health hazards. Radiations coming from our cell phones, affect our brains adversely.

Toxic effects

If a person uses mobiles excessively, the safe barriers present in our blood breaks. This releases very dangerous toxins to our brains. The endothelial cells help to form the human barrier. These are located in the lining of the blood vessels that are located in our brains. Excessive usage of mobiles creates gaps between these cells. The toxic substances that are releases affect our nerve cells, neurons. This might sometimes lead to retention of water in the brains or Cerebral Oedema.

Causes Cancer

A debate always pursues as to the fact that whether the radiations from our mobiles damage the brain cells structured correctly. The radiation and the heat that occur from the mobiles changes some form of chemicals that is located in our brains. This can be harmful or can be ignored. Sources say that if a person talks on the mobile for about an hour then the rate of metabolism of the brain of the person increases.

Degrades memory

Impairing of memory takes place due the electro-magnetic field that is produced by our mobile phones. Hence, the doctors suggest us to keep the antenna of the phone away from our brain when we are using mobiles. The frequencies that are produced in the phones help to dislodge our memory from normalcy.

Thus, excess use of mobile phones is harmful and must be avoided.

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