How do you know if a Indian girl likes or loves you?

Indian girls may not voice their love or even interest in you. The reasons are many. She may be hiding her interest in you because of differences in caste, class or religion. It is simply not the Indian culture where women declare their love boldly. Their family background may be another reason why they hide their love. In many cases, the girl may even pretend complete lack of interest in you and may avoid you. Still, there are a number of telltale signs which can signal to you that she likes you.

The body language is a dead giveaway if the girl likes you or not. So watch out for the following signs:

  • Is she taking special care with her dress and her hair when she is meeting you?
  • Does she pat her hair; smooth her dress or tries to look better if she comes across you accidentally?
  • Does she steal glances at you when she thinks you are not looking?
  • Does she show interest in you and your activities?
  •  Does she appear nervous when you touch her, but does not move away?
  • Does she look at you for approval or looks in your eyes when talking to you?
  • Does she lean in towards you or points her breasts towards you when talking to you?

If the answers to all the above questions are in the affirmative, the girl is definitely interested in you.

No matter how much an Indian girl wants to hide her interest, they are after all, not that different from other girls. So, watch out if they act jealous when you talk to other girls or if they show a high degree of concern for your welfare. Such feelings are definite signals that they care for you, whether they want to or not.

When a person loves another, she cannot stop herself from approaching him. The same is also true for Indian girls. She may not openly talk about her love for you but she finds excuses to talk to you or visit you. She texts you out of the blue on trivial topics or she may even make up topics to talk to you. She asks you about advice, whether she needs it or not. On the other hand, she also takes a lively interest in your plans and your ideas. She gives you her frank opinion and always tells you what is best for you, even if you may not want to hear it. A girl who is really interested in you will want the best for you and is really concerned for you.

The girl will also establish contact with you. She may give you her phone number even if you did not ask for it directly. She asks your common acquaintance about you. If other people criticize you, she is quick to defend you and often quite ferociously. At the same time, she brags about you to her friends and relatives. In some cases, admittedly rare, she may approach you directly and ask you out. All these symptoms are dead giveaway that she fancies you.

The willingness to sacrifice is probably the greatest sign that the girl loves you. She will bend over backwards to accommodate you and your wishes, no matter what problems she may face.

Finally, the eyes are truly the windows to the soul. No matter what she says and how she behaves, watch her eyes. If she appears shy, yet looks at you with dreamy eyes; you will be able to see her love and her concern in her eyes for you.

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